Tuesday, February 17, 2009

this relates to the book because kids in the book have funny and dumb fears like this fearing of camp snoopy is pretty funny. also kids that age could fear heights as i did.

fear 2.


a time i was scared....
well when i was 11 i went to camp snoopy with my aunt uncle 3 cousins siblings and parentals.
when i was 11 i was very daring and i hopped on the swings with my two older cousins. the man running the ride was explaining the directions of how the ride worked. if we wanted to get off all the rider who wanted to get off had to do was hold out their left arm with their thumb up in the air. so i started practicing for when the ride began so i wouldnt forget. the ride started to move i was saying to myself "weee" but.... then the ride started to go faster and higher. all of a sudden i  could see everyone in camp snoopy i was so scared,but i remembered what the man running the machine said if we wanted to get off. so i held out my thumb and waited but the ride never went down or stopped for me. i was screaming and crying i wanted to get off that ride so badly. so ever since that experience i have never ever went to camp snoopy again.